5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bow Tie

Choosing the right bowtie


The bow tie is a popular alternative to the conventional necktie. Not only is this accessory considered more formal than neckties, but most men will agree that they are also easier to wear. For these reasons, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality bow tie. To take advantage of this formal accessory, you must choose the right type. Below are nine important things to consider when choosing a bow tie.

1) Shape

Just as neckties come in different styles and widths, bow ties come in different shapes. Others are more traditional with a wider shape, while others are slim and narrow, often referred to as butterfly, batwing and diamond tip.


2) Size

A bowtie reveals its full potential when it is well proportioned to the face. The width of the knot should correspond to the width of the jaw at the level of the maxillary, without covering the entire neck. In addition, the volume of the bowtie must fit your frame. If you have a strong build, choose a thick knot, if you are rather thin, prefer a slim bowtie. 

3) Fabric

Choosing a bow tie based on its fabric can add texture to your look in unexpected ways and firmly place your outfit in the right season and formality level. Cotton bow ties are versatile, soft, and easy to maintain, most appropriate for casual gatherings. Silk bow ties are the go-to fabric for a tuxedo or dinner jackets, an ideal choice when attending a black-tie event, Other common fabrics in which bow ties are made include polyester, wool and velvet.

4) Colour

Like all accessories, the choice of colour is very wide, the bolder the bow, the less busy your shirt should be, and vice versa. A simpler, solid colour bow tie adds a nice touch to bolder suits and shirts, while a printed bow tie lends flair to a muted outfit. For beginners, the navy bow tie is the easiest to wear, with a white shirt or and a blue suit, it will be perfect. If you are not afraid of bolder colours, try a maroon bowtie, which brings dynamism to your style.


 5) Pattern

Choosing bolder, punchier printed bow ties allows you to add a vivid splash of colour to more conservative shirts. Keeping the rest of your outfit muted allows the bowtie to pop more, letting you make a statement. A popular choice over the past few years has been plaid and polka dot bow ties. Floral print and paisley are equally versatile as they incorporate colour variations within one design, helping to determine pairing with other accessories. 

Equipped with the best advice for choosing the size, colour, material, shirt and occasion, you can now express the best of your style by wearing a bow tie. Whether you are elegant or extravagant, a bow tie is definitely a must-have accessory for any man looking for distinction.

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