Pre-Tied Bowties vs Self-Tie Bowties

Man Wearing a Bowtie

Pre-Tied vs Self-Tie Bow Ties

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bow tie. The colour, the shape, the fabric, the pattern, etc. As a style aficionado, it’s essential to know the difference between pre-tied and self-tie bow ties, below you will find everything you need to know in this all-inclusive bow tie guide.

The Difference Between Pre -Tied and Self-Tie

As the name suggests, pre-tied bow ties come already tied for you. They are made from two pieces of fabric formed into a bow and stitched in position on a neckband. Other than the neck band, which can be adjusted to fit your collar size, they cannot be styled in any other way. Their big advantage is that you don't have to learn how to tie a bow tie yourself and they can be put on very quickly.

Self-tie bow ties come in one or two pieces and are then tied into a bow by the wearer. One-piece bow ties are designed to fit into the exact size of your collar, while two-piece bow ties clip together at the back using a small hook and eye, and the length can be adjusted by sliding the buckle up and down. Each bow style requires you to tie it yourself, which makes them a lot more individualistic.

Pre-Tied vs Self-Tie: Pros and Cons

Pre-tied Bow Tie

Pre-tied bow ties are great if you don’t have time to have to learn how to tie a bow tie and they're available in a variety of colours and prints. The symmetry of pre-tied bow ties is a plus point; they always look neat. Nonetheless, despite its ease of use and perfect appearance, it does have some disadvantages. Pre-tied lack individuality in shapes as most are in standard butterfly design. 

Depending on the circumstance, a pre-tied bow tie makes an excellent choice. It might not be a suitable choice for a formal wedding or black-tie event, but it is an excellent accessory for showing off your style on a night out or in casual settings.

Self-tie Bow Tie 

Self-tied bow ties are perfect for special occasions galas, weddings, or even when paired with a shirt a more casual and playful look. Their design gives the 'authentic' look - it is the way bow ties were originally designed before  pre-tied bow ties were ever invented. In comparison to they are available in a variety of different styles such as Butterfly, Batwing, Diamond, and Winged [link to a diagram of bow-tie shapes, all of which look exceptionally dapper when worn untied around the neck for a relaxed appearance. 

Nonetheless, self-tied bow ties come with some disadvantage, mastering the art of tying a bow tie can be challenging, and prompt to take some time to learn. Meanwhile after which a self-tied bow-tie requires some maintenance, with the extra time taken between wears to iron or steams out creases. 

Wear your choice with confidence, whether it's a pre-tied bow tie or a self-tied bow tie. In the end, selecting the perfect bow tie is all about meeting your style needs. 


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