Tie bars add a hint of classic men's style to any modern-day formal outfit. Not only does a tie clip help keep your necktie in place, but it is also the simplest and time-tested way to stand apart from the herd. Whether you’re wearing a three-piece suit or a pair of blue jeans, a tie bar is a welcome addition to any outfit that includes a necktie. To help you elevate your style credentials, we’ve put together this guide on when to wear a tie clip like a true gentleman.


Office Wear

If you're wearing a tailored suit, a shirt, and a necktie, you can have some fun with your tie clip. Whether it’s a solid-coloured, knitted or striped necktie, tie clips can add that extra element of office smarts to your most conservative look. For formal workplaces, we recommend opting for a simple gold or silver tie bar that won’t detract from your professionalism
You can make a fun style statement with your tie bar if you work in a less formal setting –such as a style with unique shapes or embossed texture. Or you could choose modern rose gold or Gunmetal tie clip for a sophisticated look.
Formal Occasions
Tie clips are a great way to dress up a formal ensemble. So, if you're going to a wedding, a formal dinner, or a business event, try adding a tie clip to your typical suit, shirt, and tie combination. To nail the look, opt for a more understated and elegant clip. A simple silver or rose gold design always works well. However, even within formal occasions, there is some space to experiment: in this case choose a tie clip with a touch of colour, unique texture or even Swarovski crystal detailing.