The Perfect Tie For A Job Interview

The Perfect Tie For A Job Interview

The Perfect Tie For A Job Interview

When you attend an interview, there are enough things to worry about without panicking over your appearance. If you look good, you feel good, which in turn breeds confidence and self-esteem. Which are exactly the traits you want to portray to the interviewer. Finding the appropriate, perfect tie for a job interview should be enjoyable, not stressful. And luckily with our classy collection, we at have something to suit all tie tastes and preferences.

Should I Wear A Tie To An Interview?

If you find yourself wondering: “Should I wear a tie for a video interview?”. Then read the job description thoroughly and revisit the invite to interview correspondence for guidance. There may be something in there to indicate the dress code, such as formal or informal. If there is nothing, then wear a tie to the interview to show respect for being given the opportunity and to show your professionalism. Similarly, in person interviews should be afforded the same courtesy unless there is specific instruction telling you otherwise.

How To Select The Perfect Tie A For Job Interview

The best tie to wear to a job interview is quite simply. It is the one that matches your suit, your shirt and your shoes. If nothing corresponds, you may need an entirely new outfit. Link subtle colours from each item into your final piece. And then select the best tie for interview from there. Our extensive range at has a comprehensive selection of colours, patterns and designs to fit and match almost any suit. Don’t panic and browse our custom made stylish tie choices before selecting the tie for your interview and go and go get that job!

What Color Tie Is Best For An Interview?

This largely depends on the role you are going for and secondly, the impression you want to create in the interviewer’s mind. A creative role in design or innovation should be expressive. Maybe a unique pattern or bright colour on your tie would make you both stand out and fit the profile they seek. For a more conventional office job, you may want to opt for a corporate look with less striking colours. Or still want to show some individuality but look professional simultaneously with a smart striped tie for interview or double-warped offering. If you choose either of the latter two options, stick with plain and conservative colours that contrast your shirt colour but do not attract sole focus to them such as grey and neutral shades of blue or navy. What colour tie to wear to an interview and how to wear the perfect tie for a job interview may not seem like big decisions, but they are important ones.

Final Thoughts

Your objective is obviously to get the job. But your side goals should be to impress the employer and interviewer with your attention to detail and professionalism. These can come across in your words, body language, your ability to maintain eye contact and your dress sense. Choosing the appropriate attire can literally make or break the interview. And showing respect to your potential new colleagues is vital. Pick the ideal footwear, your best suit and the tie that feels right for you at the time. The tie you wear will tell the interviewer a lot about how you present yourself and how you wish to be perceived, so choose wisely from our stunning collection at and customize the perfect tie for a job interview.


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