True love is like a pair of socks: you got to have two, and they’ve got to match!

True love is like a pair of socks: you got to have two, and they’ve got to match!
Beginners guide to styling vibrant socks.
Variety is the spice of life, stripes, pin dots and argyle socks collection.



The days when sock drawers were filled with nothing, but white tube socks and plain dark dress socks are now in the past. Accessorising from head to toe, with strong colors, striking designs, or oddity, have now become the standard for men’s socks. For those new to the world of accessorising, this is the place to begin, so kick your feet up and find how to wear men’s socks the correct way.


Not ready to take the plunge?

Understandably, change is hard to cope with, but thankfully we have created a wide range of designs to cater to you through each step of your transformation. Matching the pattern of your socks with a pattern that already exists in your look is an easy alternative to redesign any look, with simplistic striped and pin dotted socks that complement the entire color scheme of your outfit.


Stripes, Dots & Argyle

The next safe bet after coloured solids are stripes, polka dots or argyle. Three of these sock patterns are timeless and make for easy matching. This is when you should introduce a few different colors, elevating the design on the socks. Combining colors from the same color family and broadening towards the mix of vibrant primary colors on the opposite spectrum. Contrast brightens up your entire look, lively and up to date is what you are aiming for.


Let’s talk about Coordination

When it comes to the question of color, we suggest that you mirror your sock color with another that you are wearing above the waistline. This color continuity ties your outfit together. If, however, you’re already great at color coordination, do as you like. At the end of the day, the color pairing of your socks entails no rules, let your creative expression guide you.


Think BOLD

Bold toned socks are the easiest way to dip your toes into vibrant accessorising. While very bright and colourful socks are now the norm be aware of wearing socks that horrendously clash with your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing olive green chinos, stay away from the bright red pair of socks (unless it’s the holiday season!). If your socks clash too much with the rest of your outfit, the entire ensemble may just look silly.


Alter your garments so the colorful prints are well seen.

Cuff or crop your pants

If you love your novelty socks, don’t hide them from the world. Try cuffing your pants or having them tailored with no break (or even cropped) to put your socks on display.

Big proponents of socks show off your personality, but if you decide to rock a novelty pair consider toning down the other aspects of your ensemble. The more toned down the rest of your outfit is, the more striking your socks will be in comparison. Ultimately, wearing colourful socks is about showing some personality and adding some spice to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to try new things – what’s the worst that can happen?


Organization is Key

Once you’ve curated your unique collection of socks, one of the key components to take into consideration is that organization plays an entirely new role. You’ve now delved into a new realm of personal expression, and it’s important to remember that you’d want to keep your new collection of socks organized and easy to find. You may simply want to consider separating your plain socks with your more vibrant prints. 

With a few exceptions, most socks that you’ll find can be matched to almost any outfit. Embrace a unique fun pair of socks. After all, “To be irreplaceable, one must always be different”. Whether you are considering more subtle socks striped socks or vivid socks with a rainbow of colors, you may find a variety of designs on from The Chino L’unique. Alternatively, you may drop by our stores located in Takashimaya and Robinson, The Heeren.


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