In Search of The Perfect Chino Pants - and How to Wear Them

In Search of The Perfect Chino Pants - and How to Wear Them

Chino pants have been a staple in men’s wardrobes for decades. Timeless yet versatile, it is arguably the most underrated item in the arsenal of menswear. Chino pants truly stand the test of time. Developed as military trousers in mid-19th century Britain and France with fabric made in China, chino pants (pantalones chinos, Spanish for ‘Chinese pants’) have since gained popularity as civilian wear and are known simply as chinos.


The best pair of chinos for you are probably not the most slim-fit. It is best to avoid treating a pair of Chinos as skinny elastic jeans. The ultra-slim fit is slowly fading into the recesses of people’s minds and is making way for a semi-slim or even wide-tapered fit. Think of animated film visionary Hayao Miyazaki - chances are, you won’t catch him in a slim fit. Although the refined, wisty image of a Chino-wearing man may be associated with the older demographic, men of all ages are certainly able to appreciate one that fits them best and bring them places (quite literally, as they go about their day for all occasions with ease). 

Let a good pair of chinos bring you places in style.

Cut from a different fabric

The choice of fabric is key, with cotton as the main ingredient. What distinguishes an exceptional pair of Chino pants from the mediocre is the fabric. Take The Chino Revived from Japan - its proprietary Spoerry Ice Cotton® is a feat in fabric manufacturing, meticulously woven using triple plied yarn. What this means is that the pants stick to the skin less and allows for more ventilation. Cool to the touch, it allows you to brave the relentlessly hot and humid Singaporean weather in style. Blending authenticity with the sensibilities of Japanese craftsmanship, you can say that they are cut from a different fabric.


A close look at the Spoerry Ice Cotton® fabric and superior stitching of a pair of Chino Revived pants

Style Matching

From casual to business casual, the possibilities of matching a pair of Chinos with various styles are endless. Summer weddings, outdoor dates, beach vacation etc., each occasion calls for different style matching.


For summer weddings, impress the newly weds by showing you understand the theme and interpret it with flair. Pair your full-length chino pants with an unlined linen suit, pastel shirt 3 and a lightweight tie such as a seven-fold tie. Tan brown or burgundy dress shoes with a similar coloured belt conveys a timeless look. A floral or paisley motif pocket square would add a delightful touch to your outfit. For a more formal vibe, choose chino pants with single or double-pleats. They work wonders for gentlemen with a slimmer frame, as pleats give your legs a broader silhouette from the hip down.


Immerse in nature with khaki, olive or beige-toned chinos for the perfect beach vacation. You can go full-length to protect against the sun, or shorts so as not to restrict movement as you will be trudging along uneven surfaces.


Couple your white or light grey chinos with a navy suit, pastel or patterned shirt (button-down optional) to look sharp, dressed up yet unpretentious for your outdoor date. Give your chinos a simple cuff to instantly elevate your outfit.


Look sharp and dapper in a white-and-navy ensemble for outdoor dates

One Cut Fits All… Not!

While the appeal of chinos is universal, they are by no means one cut fits all. They come in many shapes and sizes, and the perfect pair is one that fits you most comfortably in both fabric and cut.


The Chino Revived offers a wide range of pants models, paying attention to the most minute of details, all the way down to the rise and cuff length of a pair of trousers. For the fuss-free individual, go for the Beltless Wide-tapered Fit with side adjusters, so you never have to worry about matching a belt with your outfit. Similarly, the Slim Cargo with extra side pockets allows you to be on-the-go.

Beltless double-pleated pants with side adjusters from The Chino Revived

For something all-purpose (casual to semi-formal), the best option is their Pleated Tapered Fit, with its inside belt incorporated into the inner stitching, preventing your shirt’s bottom from sliding out, all while the single-pleat creates a smart silhouette. What a lovely touch.


Your perfect pair of chinos would be determined by your body frame, the weather you find yourself in, and most of all, your personal style preference.

Check out the latest chino pants collection at The Chino Revived, Level 3 Men’s Department, Takashimaya, Singapore.


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