The right Necktie for your Job Interview

The right Necktie for your Job Interview

Here comes the day, the job interview. It is the time to put on your best outfit to impress your future boss, hoping that it makes a lasting impression that will make him take you into the company. Assuming that your job interview is for a corporate job, choosing the appropriate necktie is important in making a good first impression. After all, first impression is often last impression. Here, we have compiled a list of neckties to choose for your job interview.

Choosing the right patterns.

Often, when going for job interviews, it is important to choose a necktie of appropriate patterns. You should be going for either solid colours or striped neckties that give an impression of formality, rather than more fun patterns such as polka dots. Choosing a more formal necktie will give greater impressions of professionalism in the workplace.

Choosing the right colour is also important.

Try to stick with primary and less bright colours such as trump red. Instead, try to opt for more subtle colours that are more soothing to the eye. One of the main reasons not to dress in a red necktie for your job interview with your future boss is because a red necktie symbolises power and dominance. In a workplace setting, the boss should be the one wearing a red necktie, and therefore it is only appropriate that their employee should not be wearing red as well. Choosing a more subtle colour also enables greater formality, therefore amplifying the workplace professionalism.

After having said all this, here are our top 5 choices that are most suitable for your job interview.


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