Grenadine Tie Is The Ideal Choice For Stylish Gentlemen

Grenadine Tie Is The Ideal Choice For Stylish Gentlemen

For any man who takes pride in his appearance, how he looks and what he wears will be of significant importance. Sure, they might feel great in a suit and tie. But the modern, stylish gentleman is the type to want something more. While many men are willing to settle for average. Those men who opt for a Grenadine tie will have a refined look and one that will certainly turn heads.

The Grenadine Silk tie is the ideal choice for the man who likes to look the part during business lunches. But also likes to look smart when choosing the casual look. What makes Grenadine ties stand out is the way in which they have a certain charm and elegance. And that’s what makes this tie stand out. So, what else do you need to know about the weave which is known as Grenadine?


The finest grenadine weavers are Italian. There are only two companies based in Como which produce Grenadine silk. Grenadine is a blend of yarns that combine to create a gauze. This involves the use of the leno technique and involves two warp yarns being twisted around the weft yarns to make a gauze. Wooden jacquard looms are used instead of modern industrial-grade ones for their finesse. These old machineries come from beginning of 20th century. And it takes the mone hour to make one meter of grenadine. There are two varieties of gauze known as Garza Fina (Fine Gauze) or Garza Grossa (Large Gauze).

The difference between the two types is based around the amount of texture that you prefer in your ties. The Garza Grossa provides a greater level of texture. This makes them ideal for creating that smart yet less formal appearance while the knot is slightly larger than those seen on Grenadine silk ties.
In contrast, the Garza Fina doesn’t have the same amount of texture and has an appearance that looks smoother. Therefore, they have a formal look to them. Especially when they are made of silk as this creates a smaller knot.

However, due to the complex process of making Grenadine ties, it means that they are made with more attention to detail than standard ties.





The great thing about Grenadine ties, despite their complex design, is that they are available in a range of styles. They are an extremely versatile type of tie. And that means that you can wear them with a range of outfits.

If you are looking for a smart outfit and style, then you might want to consider Solid Grenadine ties. You can keep things subtle with a navy grenadine tie or inject a splash of colour with a blue or green grenadine tie. This allows you to go from the office to the bar without looking underdressed or overdressed.

You can also inject some character and intrigue into your outfit by opting for a Striped Grenadine tie. They come in a block stripe and classic stripe but once again, this enables you to dress up or dress down an outfit depending on the occasion and the setting.




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