In conversation with H. N. Tiong: Navigating the complex Concours of Neckties!

In conversation with H. N. Tiong: Navigating the complex Concours of Neckties!

From prints, colours, textures prices, and sizes the land of neckties is not an easy one to concur. Not to exclude seasonal, limited edition, and corporate neckties. Feeling overwhelmed? Need not worry because we sat down with  H. N. Tiong, CEO of Goldlink Asia. With over 20 years of experience in men’s accessories, he is the go-to person for adequate guidance on how to navigate through this vast variety of neckties, and which occasion to wear them too.


Subtle prints and, solid colors are a closet must-haves, from brands such as MarZthomson. [CS]: Firstly we would like to say thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, although its impossible to grasp the magnitude of the entire necktie business, what style of neckties would you suggest our readers incorporate into their corporate lives?

Mr Tiong [T]: I’m glad to lend a helping hand. I will elaborate on a simple way of categorising necktie prints. Solid colors, the most standard necktie worn throughout various industries-its what we would call ‘safe’. Stripes and polka dots fall within a category together, often the deciding factor is between the two prints. Subtle prints such as these allow for a man to appear professional, however, they do not show too much of their style or taste. In my experience, they are favoured by lawyers and accounts with both American and British design influences.

Everything is simply based on the visual impact and the reaction you are looking to receive, similarly as women’s earrings and men’s cufflinks, there are the subtle designs and the more elaborate limited edition pieces all of which have a different perception. One of the stand out prints used in corporate settings is floral print neckties-or Liberty prints. Often worn by men that are very aware of current fashion trends, and appreciate the attention drawn to them, in a way they’d like to be memorable, personable.


Push the boundaries by introducing bold prints into your wardrobe, opt for one of our vibrant Leonard Paris ties for a start. [CS]: What would you say is the ideal necktie for after hours, dinner parties, birthdays and launch events?

Mr Tiong [T]: This is a matter of personal expression, If you are wearing a Leonard Paris necktie in a corporate setting, regardless of the print you are more likely to leave it on after hours as well. Think of your necktie as a topic, perhaps even a conversation starter. In this sense, you’d observe that floral prints and bold solid colors attract more attention. In comparison to striped ties, there isn’t much of a unique impression. Undoubtedly it is subject to the occasion, and overall impression desired.


Fashion epicenter's such as Pitti Uomo have revived our minds with international knowledge on the journey of neckties. [CS]: Last question, speaking to our wide international audience, with your vast amount of knowledge could you briefly explain to us how have the necktie prints, designs, fabrics have evolved over the years?

Mr Tiong [T]: Simply said, there has been an immense growth in knowledge and sense of style within customers. It isn’t solely based wearing a tie within a corporate setting, within a school uniform as a must. The idea of wearing a necktie has become something that people use to express themselves and their knowledge of the industry. Knowledge allowed for a deep appreciation of the product, print, and various designs. 

We know the struggle. Trends change. Style norms shift. As frustrating as it may be, we are prompt to serve as your trusted guide through the complex entanglement of neckties.


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