Expand your wardrobe – Wearing a pocket square gives the same suit a different look each day.

Expand your wardrobe – Wearing a pocket square gives the same suit a different look each day.


With just a change in pocket square, you’re set from board meetings to cocktail parties.


The objective of a pocket square is to create just the right level of contrast in your outfit to add a pop of colour for optimal visual interest. An accessory that for years has been confused with a ‘handkerchief,' pocket squares can be incorporated seamlessly through different occasions, from black-tie events, proms, weddings, and even job interviews.


In our carefully curated selection of pocket squares, the main fabrics include silk and cotton. If you are looking for building variety in your selection you may consider polyester, and linen as possible options, whilst there are other fabrics such as wool, which are rather rare however make for unique combinations, in terms of seasonal variety.


Once you’ve cultivated basic knowledge on the material properties of desired pocket square you should aim to contrast the textures of your pocket square and your suit. In short, the combinations are endless between textures, prints, and various colors. With a magnitude of possible combinations, coordinating may pose as a challenge.


GQ creative-director-at-large Jim Moore recommends pulling out the colors in your shirt or ties when choosing a pocket square and we could not agree more coordinating your pocket square with a necktie is essentially Style 101. If you are looking for a more business casual look without a necktie you may opt to choose to coordinate your pocket square with your shirt, any other accessories you are wearing.


From spring, summer, to autumn and winter our MarZthomson pocket squares elevate each look.


Folding a pocket square may seem as though solving a Rubik’s cube, but let's think of it as an endless art form. Similar to origami, there are over 10 different ways that one could fold a pocket square, from the puff fold, the stairs fold, and the reverse fold. The smart square fold is a classic technique, ideal for all seasons and prints.


Understandably its hard to grasp each technique through a series of photographs, and online tutorials. Which is why we would advocate dropping by our retail outlets, in Takashimaya, Robinson Hereen, as well as Tangs Orchard. Our experienced sales associates may provide you with one on one guidance and styling tips that will allow you to experiment with folds, prints, textures, and occasions!


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