Behind The Brand: Stefano Cau's Grenadine Silk Ties

Behind The Brand: Stefano Cau's Grenadine Silk Ties

In the second instalment of our 4-part series on the Stefano Cau brand, we want to talk about grenadine silk ties, a mainstay in the Stefano Cau Spring Summer collection.

For the un-initiated, the grenadine weave (or widely known as Garza in Italian) is achieved from a complex mesh of yarn combined with a leno technique. Second, few would dispute that some of the finest grenadine weavers hail from Italy. Third, and perhaps most importantly, in a world where commercial realities has bastardized artisanal integrity, not many designer still painstakingly hand make these exquisite ties.

Handmade swatch books for Stefano’s clients

Stefano can count himself amongst those illustrious few. Stefano appreciates the intricacies of constructing a grenadine weave but for him, the result is what makes the painstaking effort worth its while. Grenadine is open yet strong; while the sheer fabric with a low yarn count provides great stability that adds to the beauty of the tie.

What we particularly enjoy about Stefano’s grenadine collection is the options that he offers. Grenadine weave can come in three broad variations, namely, Garza Grossa (larger weave), Garza Fina (smaller weave) and Garza Piccola (miniscule weave). Stefano ensures that each weave type features in his collection, making it difficult even for a man with a drawer full of ties to say no to one design at least. (or maybe two).


A word of caution some may hear about grenadine ties is that they are too ‘fancy’ for some conservative work environment. Fortunately, Stefano, who is in equal parts a realist and an artist, took pains to create a range of grenadine ties in dark grey and navy (in addition to the more flamboyant colors in the collection) – colors which are very much accepted in Singapore. The fact that Stefano Cau’s ties are untipped and are finished with hand-rolled edges is a bonus that got us falling in love with the brand.

Bold but complementary colors enhances the beauty of Grenadine Ties

Stefano Cau hand-stitched Italian ties are available at Takashimaya Lvl 3 Mens, Tangs Orchard Lvl 3 Mens and Andrew's Ties (Republic Plaza)


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