Behind The Brand: Stefano Cau's 7-Fold TIes

Behind The Brand: Stefano Cau's 7-Fold TIes

7-Fold Ties are widely considered to be the most luxurious in the world of tie making. While some may find it difficult to justify the higher prices pegged to folded neckties, the discerning ones would have no qualms splurging on an exquisite, fully handmade folded tie. As its name suggest, a 7-fold tie is a tie that is handmade from folding portions of the tie’s silk in a way that gives body to the tie without the use of other material. This naturally means that more silk is used and allows the tie to drape across the body better.

7-fold Repp Tie by Stefano Cau

What makes Stefano Cau’s 7-fold ties unique is his unconventional yet genius use of a minimal lining in the top half of the tie. Doing so counteracts the problem commonly associated with 7-fold ties: a knot that may be too small when a four-in-hand (as opposed to a windsor knot) method of tying is employed. Italians have a penchant for the four-in-hand knot, and by infusing a subtle lining only in the top half of the tie; a refined knot is achieved without compromising too much on the integrity of the traditional 7-fold construction. 

The drape of a 7-fold tie is easily recognisable

Stefano’s creativity allows a firm knot to be achieved even when a 4-in-hand is employed

To some, purchasing a 7-fold tie may not give them the most “value” since folded ties are after all more delicate thereby affecting its longevity. However, not only is more silk used, (almost twice!) you are also buying into the story of craftsmanship behind the tie. The precision in which each tie is individually cut, rolled and folded by hand makes the 7-fold tie so special. Stefano Cau embodies the very essence of this Italian hand artisanship.

Stefano Cau hand-stitched Italian ties are available at Takashimaya Lvl 3 Mens, Tangs Orchard Lvl 3 Mens and Andrew's Ties (Republic Plaza).


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