Why Wear Cufflinks?

Why Wear Cufflinks?

Why Wear Cufflinks?


The question often occurs, especially to those unfamiliar to formal men’s fashion. Yet, a pair of cufflinks can help a gentleman to accessorize up. They are a go-to accessory to impress and add the perfect finishing touches to your whole ensemble.


1. You Simply need Cufflinks

When you tailor a shirt, usually for your wedding, you will realize that you require some cufflinks to complete your outfit. This is because cufflinks were initially made for a French cuff shirt, in order to hold the cuffs together. Whilst French cuffs are no longer the most readily available dress shirts, they are a must have in a men’s wardrobe.


2.It is a day to impress someone

With dress shirts, it is difficult to dress up with style especially with formal events, as most of the time you are stuck with the white plain vanilla shirts, or light blue shirts. To add a pair of cufflinks to that outfit would bring elegance to the man and show off his style. Heck, cufflinks can also be thought of as a status symbol for men. Owning a pair of great cufflinks to be worn with new prospective clients or even your prospective boss can help cement a great first impression.


3. Express your own Personality and Style

As previously mentioned, most men are unable to express themselves fashionably due to the constraints of their working environment. Cufflinks are a great way of showing off a man’s style and their fashion, as there are many different styles and variations. For instance, a more sophisticated and minimalistic man may opt for more inconspicuous yet stylish cufflinks, whilst a man who is more appreciative of fashion may opt for cufflinks that are niche yet unique.


4. Certain Cufflinks have Healing Properties

Some cufflinks are made of semi-precious stones such as Tiger Eye, Oynx, Jade, etc. These stones are believed to bring healing properties to the wearer, which makes wearing cufflinks all the more suitable for those that believe in these properties of the semi-precious stones. Here is a link to all the properties that semi-precious stones bring


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