Top 5 Printed Pocket Squares

Top 5 Printed Pocket Squares

little pieces of fabric that speak volumes

Much more than a "piece of cloth," the pocket square is an item that will add flair to your wardrobe. It is a blank canvas that may be ornated with patterns ranging from the most classical to the most unique. Cut from fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen, as well as wool and polyester. Varied sizes and shapes, pocket squares are available in perfect circles or square. While there are plenty of variations, here are our top 5 recommendations for the must-have pocket square prints to add to your collection of accessories.

Printed Pocket squares

The print could be anything from historic paintings to modern works of art, graphic design, or photography. Pocket squares with a vivid repeating design are best saved for easygoing suit wear. If you really want your clothing to stand out, you can use a design such as these to spice up formal wear or a business suit. 


Peranakan Print


The Peranakan line of pocket squares is inspired by the Peranakan's exquisite tiles, porcelain, and fabric. Marzthomson succeeds in capturing the essence of Peranakan design without losing its wearability, from the iconic phoenix to the mosaic tiles. The pocket square was created to be a style statement with colourful borders that can be donned for both work and formal occasions with a simple square fold



Floral Print

Floral print pocket squares are the essential embodiment of summer and are a vibrant addition to a light linen suit. but they're still great for adding character to a traditional, classic suit all year long. Floral pocket squares, whether in gentle pastel tints or more vivid hues, lend sophistication, flair, and art to any suit. Folded elegantly in a puff fold for an effortless style.


Polka dot Print

Even the darkest of days will be brightened by its lively and energetic personality. The large polka dots offer this accessory a more modern style while still maintaining the classiness that a polka dot pattern is known for. The size of the dots directly indicates formality, with large dots. This is obviously more informal and enjoyable, whereas average and smaller dots are more acceptable for business wear.



Paisley Print 

The infamous droplet- shaped motif, previously known as beta or boteh and originated in India and Persia. As paisley is such a chaotic fabric, it works best when paired with an overall natural colour scheme. We recommend styling this print with a reverse puff fold, flamboyantly showcasing a touch of colored trim, and contrasting droplets.



The 4-in-1 pocket square is the best option if you only want to add one printed pocket square to your collection. It beautifully showcases four different pattern variations. Each segment often showcases diverse motifs within a same theme, making it an eloquent choice with many folding alternatives. Simply said choose a basic square fold to accentuate smaller size designs for office wear, and a reverse puff fold to show a bigger pattern for casual occasions.



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