Let’s Talk About: The Gordian Knot Cufflinks

Let’s Talk About: The Gordian Knot Cufflinks

Truth be told, the Knot is not a design that is instantly eye-catching. Yet it has endured the fickle-mindedness that is synonymous with today’s fast fashion. Appreciated for its versatility and understated elegance, the Knot, or more precisely the “Gordian Knot” has found itself amongst the most evergreen of designs.

A part from versatility, another reason why the Knot has become a classic motif in menswear is the symbolism it carries. The Knot is a motif for “thinking outside the box” and has its roots in the tales of Alexander the Great. As the story goes, the conqueror marched his army into Gordium (modern day Turkey) where he encountered the complex knot. It was prophesied that any man who could unravel the knot was destined to become ruler of Asia. Alexander was seized by a desire to solve the ancient puzzle. However, after wrestling with it for some time, he grew impatient and proclaimed, “It makes no difference how they are loosed.” He sliced the knot in half. Simple as it may sound, his actions were bold and unimaginable in his time. He was hailed as having outsmarted the ancient puzzle and of course, went on to fulfil the prophecy. 

Legendary tales aside, the ability to think outside the box remains equally valued today. The marriage of an elegant design with a captivating meaning meant that the Gordian Knot was firmly etched into the archives of menswear. Season after season, designers seek to reinterpret the classic design without losing the essence of the Gordian Knot. Available in a myriad of colours (and price point), you don’t have to be a conqueror to unravel, or in this case own, a Gordian Knot.

Why not consider these options...

Tateossian Royal Cable Knot Cufflinks

Also available Gunmetal-tone (Ruthenium-plated)

Azthom Gordian Knot Cufflinks


Also available in Silver, Rose Gold and Gunmetal-tone 

MarzThomson Ribbed Knot Gunmetal-Tone Cufflinks


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