In Trend: Church’s Knitted Ties

In Trend: Church’s Knitted Ties

With the onset of climate change, changes in weather are not quite as predictable as it once was. What has remained cyclical, if not predictable, is the In Trend: Church’s Knitted Ties sartorial choices of men. Spring calls for a light coat with a thin scarf; summer sees the advent of linen jackets and polo shirts; autumn welcomes pullovers, corduroys and wool blazers; and winter... anything to keep a gentleman warm. In a bid to preserve sartorial integrity when the temperature plunges, gentlemen over the decades have paid particular attention to three pieces of clothing: the coat, the scarf and the knitted tie.

The knitted tie is polarising. You either love them or you hate them. You could just ask Mr Jason Yeats, a man who has confessed to various menswear journals his obsession for knitted ties (even in summer). But two points are less debatable. They do the job of a traditional tie; and while they are at it, they add a touch of warmth. Whether they are stylish is something subjective but what is clear to our team is that the knitted ties from Church’s this season is something special.


With a selection of knitted ties like this, it's only natural that we got intrigued

Colour, weave and prints: three reasons why we are raving about this season’s Church’s knitted ties. Not many design houses, not even the larger ones like Zegna and Alfred Dunhill, would commit to creating such a vast selection of knitted ties. A part from allowing customers to choose between wool and silk, the colour scheme is well thought. Navy and maroon aside, you will find a nice mix of light blue, aqua marine and bottle green. These colours, set in a wool tie, give a much-welcomed pop of colour to the navy and grey coats synonymous with corporate wear. 

Second, the weave employed is refreshing. Most would be familiar with the micro weaving often employed in knitted ties, giving the sock-like resemblance. However, Church’s chose a larger weave which in turn allowed the otherwise muted winter tones to shine through.  

Open and elongated weave allows muted winter tones to pop

Lastly, the curated selection of prints would satisfy both the conservative and the dandy. In wool, one would find the classic plain knitted ties that allows the open, elongated weave to do the talking. In silk, attention is given to the micro-dot weave. What we love is that extra bit of detail at the tip of the tie, a horizontal stripe print, testament to the craftsmanship of the time-honoured English Menswear House. 

The contrast stripes on the tip of tie is testament to Church's attention to detail

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