How to match Pocket Squares to Ties

How to match Pocket Squares to Ties

How to match pocket squares with your necktie.


Pocket squares are an essential piece of men’s wardrobe, especially when putting on a suit and tie. They complete your outfit and make you look neat and dapper. Often, most people do not know how to match their pocket squares to their tie to complete their outfit, so here’s a guide to match your pocket square to your necktie.

1. Utilising a white pocket square.

White pocket squares are timeless and can fit to any outfit. They are the most classic, and can be utilized with a square fold, a puff and many other folds. The style of the white pocket square can also be used in many scenarios, whether formal or casual-formal.


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2. Matching your pocket square in complementary colour to your necktie.

It isn’t the best option to match the same colour of pocket square to your necktie. This is because it may look as though your outfit is bought as a set, leaving an impression that your fashion sense is low and that your outfit is cheap. Complementary colours therefore may be more suitable. For instance, when wearing a blue necktie, wearing a light blue pocket square, red pocket square or pink pocket square will be more suitable than wearing a blue pocket square.

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3. Matching with different patterns of pocket squares and neckties.

When wearing a plain necktie, perhaps a way of standing out can be using a patterned pocket square like polka dot. Or vice versa, when wearing a patterned necktie, wearing a plain pocket square can also be done.



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