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Gordian Knot Rhodium-plated Cufflinks

Gordian Knot Rhodium-plated Cufflinks



Azthom has grown from a made-to-measure label to a total look menswear brand. Cufflinks, belts and ties form the mainstay of their collection. With the aim of creating sophisticated accessories, the Azthom Gordian Knot Cufflinks are no different.

 The Gordian Knot is often associated with Alexander the Great and is classic motif for ‘thinking outside the box’. As the story goes, the conqueror marched his army into Gordium (modern day Turkey) where he encountered the complex knot. It was prophesied that any man who could unravel the knot was destined to become ruler of Asia. After wrestling with it for some time, Alexander proclaimed, “It makes no difference how they are loosed.” He then drew his sword and sliced the knot in half. He was hailed as having outsmarted the ancient puzzle and of course, went on to fulfill the prophecy. Today, the ability to thinking outside the box remains equally prevalent and thus it is no surprise that the Gordian Knot has become a classic motif in menswear.

The rhodium plating prevents tarnishing while the whale-back toggle closure ensures that the knot sits perfectly against the shirt’s cuff.  Complete with the Azthom’s shield on the cufflink’s toggle, wear it with both plain and stripe shirts for a handsome corporate ensemble.

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